Stage 4 Chunky Combos and Baby-Led Weaning

Messy eating is good for your tot’s motor skill development. Get messy with our chunky combo and bites plan designed for baby led weaning.


Finger foods & chunky combos to perfect that pincer grasp

Formulated for baby (salt and rice free)

High in iron and fiber for your baby’s developmental milestones

Chunky Combos, Bites & Puffs

Try our 15 flavors of bites and chunky combos.


Carrot Sweet Potato Combo

Pea Carrot Combo

Carrot Spinach Combo

Carrot Spinach Millet

Pizza Bite

Beet Puffs

You decide what your baby eats, they decide how much.

Let your baby self-feed with nutrient and caloric dense foods designed to help them meet major developmental milestones.

Try the Yumi Way

How do I know if my baby is ready?


Is your baby at least 6 months old?

Can grasp objects and bring them to their mouth?

Can tell you they are full by pushing a bottle away?

Can they sit without support?

Has lost their tongue-thrust reflex?

Are they showing interest in your food?

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