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Baby Food Now

Freshly made, organic and tailored to your baby's developmental milestones. Delivered to your door every week.

All Organic | Baby & Toddler Food for All Ages

Everything you need in
8 stages.
From purees to finger foods!
100+ ingredients
to explore.

• Stage 1 | First Food Singles Thinner single ingredient puree (6+M)

• Stage 2 | Graduated Singles Thicker single ingredient puree (6+M)

• Stage 3 | Duos Two ingredient puree (7+M)

• Stage 4 | Mashables Smooth multi ingredient puree (8+M)

• Stage 5 | Mashables Textured multi ingredient puree (9+M)

• Stage 6 | Pinchables Small pieces of whole food (10+M)

• Stage 7 | Bites Nutrient-dense bites (11+M)

• Stage 8 | Puffs Sorghum flour puffs (11+M)

No Gluten

No Dairy

No Big 8 Allergens*

No Preservatives


No Added Sugars

Never Fortified

All Organic | Baby & Toddler Food for All Ages

All Organic | Baby & Toddler Food for All Ages

All Organic | Baby & Toddler Food for All Ages

60% of your baby’s caloric intake is used for Brain Development.

By age 2, 80% of the adult brain is formed.

Early exposure to lots of texture and tastes can instill a love for healthy foods.

Our signature Yumi Milestone Plan is rich in nutrients for brain development and is designed to introduce your baby to the right ingredients at the right time.

How it Works

You pick a plan.

Our in-house nutritionist has created amazing options for your babe. Customize or cancel at anytime.

We make it fresh.

Once you decide on the perfect plan for you, we take care of everything else. Never stress about mealtime again.

We ship it to you.

We guarantee freshness and deliver straight to your door in a 100% recyclable insulated box.

Common Questions

That sounds great! Is it worth it?
Yumi is absolutely worth it. The nutrition, flavors and variety, and convenience are among the top reasons we hear from Yumi users. But let’s dig into this a little more because, we know that parents have many options when it comes to baby food, from store-bought to making their own.
Do organic ingredients matter for babies?
How does Yumi address allergens?
Does Yumi address heavy metal concerns of parents?

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