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  • "All of Yumi’s food is nutritionally balanced, and most importantly low in sugar. Yumi is the first product I have found that makes meal time an easy, worry-free experience."

    —Whitney Port

    "I kid you not mommas—this meal plan will save your life and keep your baby healthy."

    — Molly Sims

    "The flavors are natural and refreshing. Yumi's textures and flavors taste like real food, unlike many other baby food brands."

    — Tamara L.

    "My 7-month old son just ate up an entire container of pumpkin pie. The food, the marketing and the customer service are superb."

    — Jacqueline E.

    "Yumi exposes my son's palate to wholesome, diverse ingredients and let's me focus on spending time with my son rather than spending each day cooking for him."

    — Cheryl E.

We nerd out.
So you don't have to.

With Yumi, you'll get exclusive content in your box every week, tailored to your little one's milestones. There's no guesswork, our content is mapped against thousands of clinical studies and reviewed by nutritionists.

  • What's in your box ?

    Fresh, fully prepared organic meals

    Worry free: nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free

    Ice packs to ensure freshness

    Curbside recyclable and compostable packaging

    24/7 support with our team of nutrition experts

    Exclusive content tailored to your child’s development


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Everyday for the First 1000 Days

Every ingredient has a purpose. Our meals and content are tailored to your baby’s development. We call it intelligent design, babies call it yummmblduufhggjdjdglugggff.

Read More About The First 1000 Days

Why Yumi?

Good For Baby.

Good For World.

Good For Change.

Our mantra is: Every meal matters. By choosing Yumi, you're joining our mission to bring transparency to the industry and to promote better options for kids. We donate all unused, perishable food to Impact LA, a non-profit that helps those in need.

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“Rooted in the research-backed idea that a child’s first 1,000 days, starting with conception, are crucial to well-being, the plan takes aim at the sugar-loaded squeeze packs and jars found at the supermarket."

“Each serving of baby food comes in a small jar, with pairings sounding more like something you'd find at your local health food restaurant than in a baby food jar."

"With offerings like bell pepper soup and rose water overnight oats, Yumi’s food sounds scrumptious, even for adults."

"Yumi, an adorable new pediatrician/nutritionist-approved baby-food delivery company, makes the whole experience a pleasure."

"A startup for millennial parents is banking on a $55 billion food opportunity no one talks about. Yumi delivers meals weekly to customers' doors, making it more convenient and less time-consuming than putting together food at home."

"Admit it: If you order these meals, your baby will eat more adventurously than you do."


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