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Category: Third Trimester

  • Coping with Miscarriage

    Coping with Miscarriage

    Healing takes time, and there is no set timeline for grief.

  • Pregnancy Nutrition by Trimester

    Pregnancy Nutrition by Trimester

    Pregnancy is a pivotal period in a woman’s life, and nutritional choices are important. But navigating this journey can be bewildering, even for those with established healthy eating habits. First Trimester (Weeks 1-12) In the first trimester, as your baby’s organs form and the placenta develops, prioritizing key nutrients like folic acid, iron, and protein…

  • When Does Lactation Start?

    When Does Lactation Start?

    Understanding how lactation starts can be confusing for many new parents. The concept of milk “coming in” can create a misconception that breast milk production is sudden. However, the process is much more gradual and complex.

  • Top 5 Remedies for Morning Sickness

    Top 5 Remedies for Morning Sickness

    “Morning sickness” doesn’t really stick to the morning. Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, a registered dietitian and fertility specialist, shares her top remedies to ease pregnancy nausea.

  • Milk Supply 101

    Milk Supply 101

    Breast milk production can be confusing for new parents due to its variability and the lack of visible indicators. Many factors, such as baby’s demand, effective latching, frequency of feeding, and maternal well-being, influence milk production.

  • Pregnancy & Mental Health

    Pregnancy & Mental Health

    If you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm, call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. For non-emergency situations, Postpartum Support International is also a great resource: 1-800-944-4773.

  • A Winter Break Guide to Keeping Healthy

    A Winter Break Guide to Keeping Healthy

    Winter is here. With it comes the flu, Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus, AKA RSV, Covid, and a host of other illnesses waiting and ready to invade your kid’s nostrils.

  • Infant Sleep Tips

    Infant Sleep Tips

    Creating healthy sleep habits for your infant is crucial for their well-being and development, as well as your own. Establishing a positive sleep routine from the newborn stage can lay the foundation for a lifetime of restful nights. If you’re wondering where to start, here are five expert tips to help your baby sleep better.

  • Prepping for Breastfeeding

    Prepping for Breastfeeding

    Releasing your expectations is one of the best ways to prepare for breastfeeding. The pressure new parents put on themselves to get breastfeeding “right” can be the biggest challenge, not engorgement, latching, or sore nipples.

  • Pregnancy Nutrition: 5 Essential Foods

    Pregnancy Nutrition: 5 Essential Foods

    Fertility Specialist and nutritionist, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, suggests the top 5 foods to eat during pregnancy.

  • New Report Finds Heavy Metals in Homemade Baby Food

    New Report Finds Heavy Metals in Homemade Baby Food

    A new report from Healthy Babies, Bright Futures found that homemade baby food contains as many toxic metals as store-bought food.

  • Induction Methods

    Induction Methods

    Each baby arrives in their own way – some requiring induction to emerge into the world. Labor induction is a treatment that stimulates delivery. This can be accomplished through pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical methods. In the Western world, it is estimated that 1/4th of pregnant women have their labor medically induced.

  • What is Preeclampsia?

    What is Preeclampsia?

    What do Kim K, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Adriana Lima all have in common? They had preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a condition that only occurs during pregnancy, in which the expectant mother’s blood pressure increases significantly around or after the 20th week of gestation. It can affect up to 8% of births nationwide.

  • Gestational Diabetes Diet

    Gestational Diabetes Diet

    Gestational diabetes is elevated blood sugar that can develop during pregnancy. It is diagnosed by a blood test done around 24-28 weeks pregnant. It is one of the most common pregnancy complications, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

  • What is Inflammation?

    What is Inflammation?

    Inflammation plays an important role in healing, but if left to run wild, it can wreak havoc on your body. Odds are if you are experiencing physical discomfort, inflammation is to blame. It can affect almost every function of the body.

  • The 4 Stages of Labor

    The 4 Stages of Labor

    As you prepare for labor by nesting, packing a hospital bag, and getting as much rest as possible – you may be wondering what you can expect once labor actually begins. When we think of giving birth, our idea of what is coming is often skewed by representations in the media. Childbirth in movies is…

  • Pregnancy Foods: Dos & Don’ts

    Pregnancy Foods: Dos & Don’ts

    Pregnancy can be a confusing time when it comes to nutrition. Your regular go-to healthy foods, salads and sandwiches may be off the menu due to listeria concerns. It is no secret that nutritious foods are important for both mom and baby’s health, but where do you even start? Below are the Dos and Don’ts…

  • Postpartum Preparation

    Postpartum Preparation

    Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming. Often, when thinking about your new bundle of joy, your needs can become an afterthought. Therefore, we recommend setting yourself up for postpartum and building a support system before baby arrives. Postpartum nutrition, mental health, lactation, exercise, and physical therapy are all things that may need to…

  • Foods for Morning Sickness

    Foods for Morning Sickness

    If you experience nausea during pregnancy, odds are it doesn’t just occur in the morning. Nausea is extremely common and occurs in 75% of pregnancies. Whether it leads you to vomit or not, pregnancy nausea can completely disrupt your day-to-day life. While the exact cause is unknown, it is likely that the nausea has something…

  • Pregnancy & Iron Deficiency

    Pregnancy & Iron Deficiency

    [Halle Tecco](, Founder and CEO of [Natalist](, on pregnancy and iron-deficiency.