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Medium Silicone Baby Cup 8oz



La Petite 8oz. Silicone Sippy Cup

Make the transition from bottles to cups easy with the Avanchy La Petite Medium Silicone Sippy Cup with a straw. The 8 oz. capacity is perfect for your little one once they have mastered drinking from a sippy cup. With its gentle straw and lid, this cup supports baby led weaning and helps toddlers learn to drink independently. The safety of the silicone design provides peace of mind for parents. The lightweight and simple shape make it easy for little hands to hold and maneuver. Help your child feel like a grown-up with the Avanchy La Petite Medium Silicone Sippy Cup.


– Transition Aid: The 8 oz size and included straw make this cup ideal for babies moving from bottle to cup.

– Soft on Gums: Made from 100% food-grade silicone, the cup is gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums.

– Eco-Friendly: Crafted from sustainable materials, this cup aligns with eco-conscious parenting goals.

– Versatile and Adaptable: Comes with a straw, offering flexibility for different feeding stages.

– Hassle-Free Cleanup: The silicone material is dishwasher-safe, making life easier for busy parents.


Cup Height: 4″ | Diameter: 2.8″

Straw Height: 6.5″ | Straw Diameter: 0.4″





100% LFGB Silicone.

Plastic-free, BPA-free, BPS-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free.

Nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and 100% safe for baby feeding.

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