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When and How Should I Feed My Baby Meat?

Your baby has started on solid foods, mastering veggie and fruit purees. So, at what point can you introduce meat into their diet? 

Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • Most babies begin to eat meat between 8-10 months of age.
  • They are ready if they can eat soft finger food, have a couple teeth, and are expressing interest in your food. 
  • Puree the meat in a food processor to get it as small as possible. 
  • Iron is crucial for brain development, and meat is the most easily absorbed source. 

Put Some Meat on their Bones 

Most babies begin to eat meat between 8-10 months of age. They are ready to try it if they have mastered eating soft finger foods, such as avocado pieces, halved blueberries, and steamed carrots. They will also need a few teeth and be expressing interest in the food you are eating. 

Meat has a very different texture than what your babe may be used to after months of smooth cereals and purees. Below are some techniques to try when introducing meat to your babe:

Chop It Up:

Meat can be a tough texture for babies to love on the first try. Make sure to chop up the meat as small as possible to ease the transition. We recommend putting it in a food processor to make it as fine as possible.

Mix it In: 

Mix the meat into your babe’s favorite vegetable puree. This is a great way to introduce something new, along with something you know they already love.

Use a Crockpot or Instant Pot:

These are an amazing way to ensure tender meat. Add meat, root vegetables, broth, and carrots. Blend it all together once cooked.

Be Patient:

Meat is a difficult food for babe’s to get used to. Keep trying and don’t give up!

What’s a good meat to start with?

Organic chicken is the go-to meat to give beginner babies. Why? Because it has a fairly neutral flavor, it’s easy to chop up, and it’s an amazing lean protein. However, you can begin with whichever meat you are most comfortable with.


Iron is crucial for brain development, and meat is chock-fun of it. While certain vegetables contain iron, the type found in meat is easier to absorb. A baby’s iron stores are depleted by 6 months, which makes it a great time to try adding meat to the menu. 

Regardless of which meat you pick, make sure to cook it thoroughly to prevent food-borne illnesses. If you are choosing a plant-based diet for your child, you can find iron in leafy greens.

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