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9 Essential Gifts For Expecting Mothers

If you’re not sure what to buy your friend or family member when they’re expecting, don’t worry. Here are the best gifts they and their new little ones will love. 

9 Essential Gifts For Expecting Mothers

If your friend or family member is expecting to welcome a new little one into their home soon, it can be tricky to know what to get them. Do you choose something practical? Something sweet? Do you choose something for them or their little one? There are many options to choose from, and each expecting mother’s needs are different, so choosing gifts for expecting mothers isn’t always easy.

Plus, if you’re the expecting mother, you may not know what gifts to put on your registry. From finding eco-friendly options that are safe for your home and for the planet, there’s a lot to consider. That’s why we put this gift-giving guide together. 

Here are the essential gifts for expecting mothers that they and their little ones will love. 

Pregnant+Pampered Gift

1. Soothing Skincare for Pregnant Mums

During pregnancy, expecting mothers can experience skin changes and discomfort. It’s common to experience stretch marks, dark spots on the skin, varicose veins, and even acne as hormones are changing to help develop the baby. On top of these changes in skin’s appearance, skin can become dry, uncomfortable, and chafe more easily. 

Skincare is a great place to start if you’re looking for the best gifts for expecting mothers. This Pregnant and Pampered Gift Set has everything expecting mamas need to stay comfortable, relaxed, and enjoy some self-care before the little one arrives. 

This gift set comes with bath salts, body oil, nipple balm to soothe skin and chafing, soothing jelly, and body butter for the belly. This skincare set is not only perfect for pregnant mamas, but it includes organic and plant-based items. 

All new mothers need to take special time to relax during pregnancy, so give them this soothing skincare set to help them start.


2. Maternity Pillow

It’s no secret that once you have a baby, their sleep schedule becomes your sleep schedule. However, sleep may also change due to pregnancy. Mamas may find it harder to get comfortable at night with their bellies and may experience aches and pains throughout the night. 

Luckily, using a maternity pillow can help. The benefits of using a maternity pillow extend to many areas. For instance, it can help relieve the aches and pains in your legs, hips, and back from holding your belly up all day and help you get in a comfortable position for sleep that offers support for your body. It can also help support blood circulation by letting you sleep on your side more comfortably. 

Using a maternity pillow can also help you get more sleep. Sleep is already a vital function for the human body, but it becomes twice as important when you’re growing a tiny human inside you. Growing life isn’t easy, so add a maternity pillow to your maternity registry or give the gift of sleep to a mamma-to-be that you know. 

The Yana Pillow is designed in a U-shape that supports your body’s curves and weight. With organic materials that are soothing to the touch, this pillow will cradle your body for a great night’s sleep. If you’re looking for an essential gift to help the mother-to-be get a better night’s sleep, look no further than this maternity pillow. 


3. Beginner’s Cloth Diaper Set

Diapers are one of the most common gifts that appear at a baby shower, and for a good reason! If you’ve ever watched a little one or had a baby of your own, you know how quickly they can go through diapers. If you’re looking for the best gifts for expecting mothers, you can never go wrong with diapers. 

But have you considered reusable diapers? 

There are many benefits to using reusable diapers. To begin with, finding disposable diapers that are organic, gentle on your babe’s skin, and free of plastics and chemicals can be difficult. Finding cloth diapers that contain these qualities is much easier.

Reusable diapers are also an excellent way to reduce waste for the planet and save money. If you’re warming up to the idea of cloth diapers, that’s alright! But if you want to try using cloth diapers, add this Try-It Kit to your gift registry! 

This is an excellent way to try out cloth diapers and see how they’ll work for your lifestyle and parenting preferences before committing to using cloth diapers. With three organic cotton inner diapers and one waterproof outer diaper, washing powder, and a diaper bag to bring on the go, this kit has everything you need to try reusable diapers, commitment-free.

beyond the bump

4. Soothing Skincare for Postpartum Mums

It’s also important to give mothers the tools and time to relax after the baby’s born. If you’re looking for skincare and relaxation tools for postpartum mums, this Beyond the Bump Kit has it all. 

With soaking salts to help mothers relax in the tub, body oil, body lotion, and nipple balm, you can help your friend or loved one stay comfortable and soothed even after their little one is here. 

Evereden Skin Care Baby Bundle

5. Skincare and Shampoo for Baby, Too

At Yumi, we know it’s not easy to find products for your baby that are free of harmful chemicals. Even some baby food companies can sometimes include heavy metals, pesticides, and much worse in baby food. So, if you’re looking for the best gifts for expecting mothers, finding products without chemicals can be a challenge.

Luckily, the EWG examines skincare and bath products to determine which are safe and which are not. Here are some natural, chemical-free baby skincare and shampoo products that are great for your baby. 

Thinkbaby Diaper Lotion

Diaper rash is bound to occur at one point or another during a baby’s pre-potty trained years, so getting diaper rash lotion is a great way to be prepared and reduce the chances of diaper rash altogether. This Diaper Rash Ointment is a great product for new mothers to be ready for the diaper rash and ready to soothe their little one’s bottom from irritation and pain before it happens. 

This lotion is certified by the EWG and checked for harmful chemicals listed in this report

Everdeen Soothing Diaper Rash Cream

You can also consider this diaper rash cream made with kakadu plum, grapeseed, and sunflower oil and no harmful chemicals. It’s non-toxic, plant-based, and hypoallergenic to help keep your babe comfortable and safe. 

Adorable Baby Natural Shampoo + Body Wash

Another great gift for expecting mothers is baby shampoo and body wash. It can be a challenge to find products to wash your little one that isn’t full of chemicals and toxins, but this natural shampoo and body wash is different. 

Kids are meant to play. So, when your babe starts digging around in the dirt, playing with paint, or even smashing their solid foods everywhere but their mouths, having a natural body wash ready can make playtime and bath time that much more fun. 

With the best ingredients and none of the harmful stuff, you can make bathtime a worry-free, bonding experience with your little one. The EWG certified this shampoo and body wash and checked for toxic chemicals listed in the EWG report

Pipette Baby Shampoo

Here’s another clean baby shampoo and wash to give expecting mothers at their baby shower or just for fun. This is an excellent gift idea for all mamas-to-be with moisturizing properties and non-irritating ingredients derived from plants. 


6. A Memory Scrapbook

Taking care of a little one can make time fly. One minute you’ve just taken your babe home, settled them into their crib, and are watching their tiny chest rise and fall as they sleep. The next minute, they’re taking their first steps, weaning off breastfeeding and trying a variety of new foods. 

Where does the time go? While you can’t freeze time and make the youngest years last forever, you can give the gift of a scrapbook so your expecting friends can cherish the sweet moments for years to come. Consider throwing in a camera or even a film camera along with this gift so they can capture each precious moment as they come. 

morning sickness

7. Morning Sickness Relief

It’s common for expecting mothers to experience intense morning sickness throughout pregnancy. This sickness is known for its appearance in the morning, but it can actually last throughout the day and into the night for some. It can also last throughout each trimester as each body is different. 

There’s no way to get rid of morning sickness altogether. However, there are powerful tools that you can use to help relieve the majority of morning sickness symptoms. On top of taking action to help yourself stay more comfortable, avoid strong odors, stay hydrated, and eat bland foods, morning sickness tools may help.

If you’re looking for a gift for an expecting mother, consider this Morning Sickness Bundle. With an aromatherapy inhaler of essential oils like peppermint, ginger, lemon, and lavender, a bottle of magnesium oil to help replenish your magnesium levels, and motion sickness bands that use acupressure to help relieve symptoms. 


8. Cozy Pajamas

It’s no secret that being pregnant comes with some discomfort and stress. The levels of discomfort or stress can vary from person to person, but if you’re looking for the best gift ideas for expecting mothers, consider comfortable pajamas. 

You can look for a cozy robe, comfortable slippers, or silk pajamas with lots of room to grow. You can also look for pajamas that offer breastfeeding accommodations and can be easily removed for access so they can continue using these pajamas even after birth. 


9. Yumi Subscription

By far, one of the best gifts you can get a new mother or an expecting mother is a Yumi subscription. Here’s why.

Yumi Supports Developmental Milestones

Babies are constantly growing and developing. When a baby is one month old, they’re developing differently than when a baby is six months old. This means their nutritional needs are changing, too. 

Most baby foods offer three or four different stages of food, but these are rarely packed with the nutrition babies actually need for their specific development. Yumi is different. With foods rooted in science and designed for each month of your baby’s life, you can promote your babe’s health, wellness, and growth every step of the way. 

All our food is nutrient-rich, organic, and packed with the vitamins and minerals your little one needs for their specific development. Their minds and bodies will be able to thrive. 

Free of Heavy Metals

Yumi baby food is also completely free of heavy metals, which are unfortunately included in many popular baby foods. These are harmful to your little one’s health and can have serious health effects

Feeding your baby Yumi is a great way to prevent exposure to heavy metals and provide them nutritious foods instead. Learn more about how we combat heavy metals here

From Day 1 to 1000

What you feed your little one matters. Their taste and texture palettes are being developed from the first time they eat food, so what you feed them sets the stage for their taste preferences in the future. With no added sugars, Yumi is an excellent food to set the stage for a lifetime of healthy and nutritious food choices. 

Along with taste preferences, the first 1000 days are the most important for your little one’s brain, body, and immune system to develop.


Give the Gift of Nutrition

Finding the best gift ideas for expecting mothers can be a challenge, especially if you’re not sure where to start. But don’t panic! The mother-to-be and her little one will love each gift idea on this list, especially when it comes to nutrition and development. 

Giving the gift of Yumi is easy. With a milestone plan that is tailored to each baby’s development, simply enter the baby’s birthday and have hand-picked foods delivered to the family’s door with recyclable packaging and delicious flavors. Learn more here about how you can give the gift of Yumi