6 Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time of life. If you’re expecting a baby but aren’t sure how to announce pregnancy to your family and friends, this guide is for you!  

Six Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Welcoming a new member into your family can be exciting, overwhelming, stressful, and wonderful all at the same time. If you’re pregnant or if your significant other is expecting and you’re getting ready to welcome a new little one into your family, you’re likely looking forward to sharing your big news with the ones you love. 

Telling your family and friends that you’re pregnant can be a fun memory to look back on and a fun way to share your journey with those on social media as well. If you’re not sure how to announce the pregnancy and break the big news, don’t worry. 

Here are six creative, simple ways to announce your pregnancy.


1. Use Matching Mom and Dad Clothing

If you’re pregnant and haven’t told your partner yet, you may feel a little nervous. However, this is one of the sweetest moments you and your partner will share, so take your time and tell them however you’d like. You don’t have to have a fancy announcement to make this moment special. 

However, if you want to make it a special surprise, consider getting your spouse a shirt or hat that announces the baby. For example, it could say “Coming Soon: Dad, 2021” or “Getting promoted to Dad in October.” You can make this announcement as personalized as you’d like. 

Don’t forget to leave sometime after you make this announcement to spend with your partner. Having a new baby entering the family can be exciting, but it can also be scary. Spend some time alone with your partner and soak in the moment together. 


2. Wrap Up Your Pregnancy Test

Another way to announce your pregnancy to your partner, immediate family, and close friends is to wrap up your pregnancy test. Make sure you can clearly read the positive sign and choose a cute box or gift bag to wrap it in. Give this gift as an announcement and watch their faces light up.


3. Give Your Family Members “Promotions”

Another creative way to announce your pregnancy to your immediate family is to promote them! Since a new child is on the way, these members may have a new role to play in your family, so this can be a great way to announce the pregnancy. 

Here are some ideas:

Start with Immediate Family

One of the best family announcements you’ll get to make is for your immediate family. This typically includes your children, if you have any, along with your parents and siblings. Most couples like to start with their parents or other children, but remember to do what you want to.

Promoting Your Children to “Big Sister” and “Big Brother”

If you have other children and would like to make a special announcement that they’re getting a little sibling, give them a promotion! You can buy them a t-shirt or sign that says “big sister” or “big brother” on it. 

You can also give them a special treat or take them on a special vacation before your baby comes and announce your pregnancy there. It’s no secret that taking time to show your older children attention and love before you welcome a new baby into your family is important. 

When announcing your pregnancy to your children, remember they may not always respond well. Depending on how old they are and various other factors, children can react differently to a newborn. Children may feel jealous at first, scared, and unsure of what having a new sibling will be like. Be sure to offer support and patience, answer any questions they may have, and continue to show them attention before and after their new sibling arrives.

Promoting Your Parents to Grandparents

A creative way to announce your pregnancy to your parents is to promote them, too. You can do this however you want. If your parents like coffee or tea, give them mugs with “grandpa and grandma” on them. You can also wear t-shirts, bags, hats, or any other fun gift your parents would enjoy. 

Promoting Your Siblings to Aunt and Uncle

And of course, when it comes time to announce your pregnancy to your siblings, you can promote them to “uncle,” “aunt,” etc. Be as creative as you’d like during these announcements and make them memorable for you and your family.


4. Send Out a Pregnancy Announcement Card

Once you tell your spouse, children, parents, and any other immediate family members you’d like to tell, you may want to tell your friends. One way to do this is to send out a card to your close friends announcing your pregnancy.

You can get as creative or keep this as simple as you’d like. Send a pregnancy announcement card to anyone you’d like to tell before announcing your pregnancy via social media. This can include old friends, friends who live far away, or even coworkers. 

A pregnancy announcement card is also a great way to share your baby registry with others. Give your address, include a link to your baby registry, or just ask for well wishes. You can even accept donations for used cribs, baby clothes, and more from family or friends that want to help out.


5. Post on Social Media

Perhaps one of the most popular ways to announce a pregnancy is through social media. This allows you to reach hundreds of your close friends all at once. Announcing your pregnancy on social media can be fun. 

Be as creative as you like, but here are a few ideas:

  • Share a picture of any gifts you’ve given your parents or partner that announce the baby.
  • Share a photo of your child holding an “older sibling” photo or announcement to let others know you have a new addition to the family.
  • Do a styled shoot with a photographer or have a family member or friend take photos of you and your partner. You can stand with baby shoes or a crib, or even an ultrasound photo. If you have any pets, they can be included in the family photo, too!
  • Another creative way to announce a pregnancy is to share a photo of a letterboard announcing your due date. For example, this could say “Baby Coming March 2022”. 

Whether or not you post your pregnancy on social media is completely up to you. If you decide to share with the world this way, get creative and have fun with it. 


6. Make a Special Work Announcement

Another creative way to announce your pregnancy is to make a special work announcement. Consider sending out an important email or even gathering everyone together for a meeting to share your pregnancy with them. Tell your coworkers that you need to speak to them all after work, begin to talk about something serious, and then announce your pregnancy! 

Telling your coworkers and colleagues is up to you, but it may help soothe tension in the workplace, especially if you need to take it easy and rest more. If you have appointments, need to come in late due to symptoms, or can’t do certain work duties, it can help prepare your colleagues or explain. How and when you do this is entirely up to you.

It’s also important to tell your employer about your pregnancy. You can do this however you’d like, and even during your special work announcement. However, it’s important to note that your employer will probably want to know more details surrounding your due date when you will need to take off, and more so they can find you a replacement. 


When To Announce Pregnancy

Making a public pregnancy announcement can be fun, exciting, and a great way to share with those you love. However, many expecting parents are unsure when to announce their new addition. Here are a few general guidelines of when to announce your pregnancy:

First, remember that how and when you announce your pregnancy is completely up to you. Telling your immediate family is important, but who you tell and when is truly your decision. Many expecting parents decide to wait until after 12 weeks to announce their pregnancy to others. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. 

After the twelfth week of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is much lower than in the first trimester. Many people prefer to wait to announce pregnancy to friends and extended family until after the first trimester to be safe, but when you announce your pregnancy is up to you.

While there’s no rule for when you have to announce your pregnancy, there are a few things to know. It’s always best to start with your closest family members when announcing pregnancy. If you’re just too excited about your new baby, you don’t have to wait a certain amount of time to tell anyone, but sharing your pregnancy with your partner and family will help prepare them for the new family member.

It’s also important to note that making your pregnancy public, especially on social media, may also have its downsides. For instance, people may give you unwanted advice if and when you decide to post your new baby on social media. 

Dealing with the advice of your grandma, mother-in-law, and your followers on social media can be stressful. But don’t worry. Our blog has all the information you need to know about your little ones, from development, to what they should eat and real stories from real parents. 


Preparing Your Home for a Baby

Once you begin announcing your pregnancy to the world, it’s time to start preparing your home for your new babe. Decorating a nursery can be exciting and fun, but preparing the rest of your home and family for a baby comes with natural stress and worries. 

The truth is, no parent has it completely figured out before their new babe comes into the world. Most learning is done along the way, so don’t put the pressure on yourself or your partner to be the perfect parent right off the bat.

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What Next?

Figuring out how to announce pregnancy can be fun and overwhelming all at once. But, when your little one finally arrives in the world, it’s time to relax and soak in all those sweet moments. After all, you made them! Even though there’s a lot to be done, don’t forget to bond with your baby and enjoy time with your partner and family. 

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