Why Your Baby Should Be Taking Probiotics

The foundation of your child’s health is laid during the first three years of their life. 80% of the brain will form during the first 1,000 days, and within the first 2.5 years, their gut microbiome will resemble that of an adult. These are two major developmental milestones that determine the overall health of a…

Gut Health is Overall Health

The journey to a healthy gut microbiome starts the day a baby is born. As soon as they start breathing, touching, crawling, and eating, they’re bringing all sorts of good (and bad) microorganisms into their body. A gut microbiome that’s filled with good bacteria encourages neurological development and tightens the gut lining, which increases nutrient absorption. It also strengthens immunity – 70% of the immune system exists in the gut.

An imbalanced gut leaves the door wide open for digestive issues, chronic illness, infection and obesity. It can also lead to common childhood issues like eczema, food intolerances, diarrhea, and colic. When the body starts relying on medicine to treat these problems, the gap between healthy bacteria and bad bacteria widens.

Studies also show that poor gut health is linked to poor attention span in children. Sick of telling your kids to finish their dinner before tv time? Maybe it’s got something to do with the gut.

Probiotics and Kids

So how do you keep your child’s gut microbiome full of good bacteria? One word: Probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial, live yeast and bacteria that naturally exist in the body, and they’re your go-to ticket to gut health.

Foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha are naturally probiotic-rich…. But not exactly a kid’s idea of a “snack.” Probiotic supplements, like Jettie, are foolproof ways to get diverse, clinically studied bacteria to the gut.

C-Section and Formula-Fed Babies are at Risk

Your baby’s intro to bacteria is at birth. Babies delivered vaginally get bacteria from the vaginal canal, which is similar to the mother’s gut microbiome. C-section babies miss this diverse, beneficial dose of bacteria, and instead get whatever exists in the sterile hospital (which isn’t much). Sterile is great for a safe delivery, but not for a newborn gut.

When it comes to formula vs. breastfeeding – we’re not going to tell you what you should do. But the fact is, if you’re opting for formula, your little one is more susceptible to catching a cold. A recent study compared breastfed babies to formula-fed babies and this is what it found:⁠

  • 75% of the babies who got sick were fed formula, as compared to the 25% of those breastfed ⁠
  • Of the 28% of babies who didn’t get sick, 86% were breastfed and only 14% were formula-fed⁠⁠
  • This is the silver lining: 70% of the immune system lives in the gut, which means poor gut diversity is going to have a direct impact on how often your baby gets sick. Jettie probiotics give your c-section or formula-fed baby the bacterial diversity they’re missing.

These days, you can walk down any supplement aisle and find more probiotic brands than you can count. For Jettie, probiotics are personal. Jettie was created by Kiley Taslitz-Anderson, mother of two boys, both delivered by c-section. When they were born, she knew they needed a probiotic to provide the good bacteria they didn’t receive from vaginal birth, but she wasn’t satisfied with the existing brands.

Jettie is the only existing seasonal probiotic – which is a non-negotiable because exposing the gut to a rotation of probiotic strains is the only way to achieve optimal gut health. Otherwise, the gut gets bored of seeing the same thing day in and day out, and stops doing its job (sound familiar?) If you’re going to give them a probiotic, you should be positive that it’s working. With Jettie, you’ll never have to wonder. Not only are Jettie’s strains diverse, each one has published studies that point to real results – from reducing sick time, to helping with food sensitivities to decreasing colic.

Life as a parent is chaotic – but using Jettie is simple. Like Yumi, Jettie delivers to your door, and all you have to do is mix a small packet of flavorless powder into your child’s drink. Right now, you can get 35% OFF your first month of Jettie probiotics with code JETTIE4YUMI. Next? Sit back and watch them reap the benefits of a healthy, balanced gut.

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