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Chiyo’s First 40 Days Broth & Tonic Bundle


Chiyo’s Broth & Tonics are crafted by Dr. Lily Yeh Gillespie and have been relied on by women for generations. The herbal decoction changes based on your week of postpartum recovery – focusing on menstrual health, tissue repair, and balancing energy & mood. Herbs are simply infused into a decoction with beef bone broth to minimize interactions and enhance functions of the principle herbs and assistant herbs. Specific ingredients have been excluded for those planning to breastfeed – please contact us if you have further questions. 

A week’s worth of broths + tonics for 6 weeks.  We recommend purchasing at least 2 weeks prior to delivery date.

Please email for our vegetarian options. Read more here.

Week 1
Broth (first half): Sheng Hua Tang
Broth (second half): Fortifying Astragalus & Goji Berry
Tonic: Astragalus & Jujube
Week 2
Broth: Four Substance Decoction
Tonic: Hawthorn Berry
Week 3
Broth: Eight Treasures Decoction
Tonic: Du Zhong, Goji & Long Yan Rou
Week 4
Broth: Eight Treasures Decoction
Tonic: Ginger Goji
Week 5
Broth: Ten Complete Tonify
Tonic: Moringa Nettle
Week 6
Broth: Ten Complete Tonify
Tonic: Long Yan Rou & Cinnamon

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