From Seeds Come Sunflowers Cover Art

From Seeds Come Sunflowers

War is really scary to little Amos. But grandpa knows what to do. Join this duo as they find hope and give us a way to talk to our own children about conflict.

Purchase a Limited Edition copy of “From Seeds Come Sunflowers.” All proceeds go to Jose Andres’ not-for-profit, World Central Kitchen, serving meals to families across Ukraine.

A special reading from mom, actress, and co-founder of HelloBello

Kristen Bell

Also available for free download

Print and color the final sunflower page with your family.

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From The Illustrator

“We started this project a week into Putin’s invasion into Ukraine—by this point life became unbearable. Days blended into a grey matter of news, conversations with family, heavy, exasperated, overwhelming emotions with no place to put them. This book became a beacon of meaning and focus amongst a storm of the unfathomable unfolding. Metaphors turning pain and fear and horror into colour, nature, togetherness, comfort, safety, hope. A place where it is possible to breathe.”

— Masha Karpushina

Resources for Teachers

If you are an educator and interested in receiving a free hard copy of From Seeds Come Sunflowers, please click on the below link and fill out the needed information.