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What to Expect from My Yumi Order

Congratulations are in order. You’ve taken the first step to feeding your baby the healthiest, cleanest, and freshest baby food on the block. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for your order to show up! So we wanted to take this time to give you a few pointers and what…

I’m Wondering About The Texture of the Blends in My Box

You’ve opened your first YUMI box. You’re so excited, but that Apricot blend is looking a little… well, watery? This is totally normal. We only use whole ingredients (take a look at the label). No filler. No additives. This means your blends can separate during shipping. Think about it this way; if you make yourself a fresh smoothie and let it sit for a minute, it will naturally start to separate. All you do is give it a stir. The same is valid here. If something looks a little watery, it is normal! Give it a stir and give that babe a taste.

The Blends In My Box Are Different Than What I Ordered

Our kitchen works hard to ensure you get exactly what you want. However, you chose YUMI because we are committed to the freshest, best ingredients. That means sometimes flavors are no longer available. If and when that happens, our Magic Menu Maker will choose the next best flavor available based on your baby’s age and developmental milestones. If your baby hates the swap, edit your order preferences so that the Magic Menu Maker doesn’t make that choice again.

Where’s The Salt? This Doesn’t Taste Good to Me

Our adult tastebuds are conditioned to want sugary and salty foods. But sugar and salt before 1 is a big NO. We will never season your baby’s first foods with sugar or salt (but we will use other great spices). Single-ingredient purees might taste a little bland to you, but your baby’s tastebuds are on a magic flavor ride! Don’t let your tastebuds get in the way of their journey. We promise if you stick with it, they will grow up to be future foodies- including loving the garlic, thyme, and rosemary that show up by Stage 4. Learn more about the diverse menu here.

Our Nutritionists Are On Hand and Ready to Answer Your Questions

As you introduce new foods to your babe, you’re teaching them mealtime habits that will carry into toddlerhood. Our in-house nutritionists are here to help. Your baby’s first bites might not be a picture-perfect moment. You’re introducing a novel concept, and your baby may reject the attempt. Your STICK-TO-ITIVENESS matters here.

Need more help? Our Customer Service Team is at the ready to answer any other questions you have. Inclduing shipping questions and more.