Where Can I Order Baby Food Online?

Hate going to the grocery store, but unsure of how else to get your baby food? Look no further! This guide breaks down where and how to order baby food online!

Where Can I Order Baby Food Online?

As a new mom or dad, there’s a lot you have to buy for your baby. From new toys to education tools to moving through diapers faster than you could imagine, buying baby food should be the least of your worries. 

Even after you choose which baby foods to buy for your baby, it can seem like you go to the store every week to restock. With all these grocery trips, you’d probably rather be hanging with your babe!

This guide breaks down where you can order baby food online, how to do it, and how to sit back and enjoy every moment with your little one while nutritionists do the hard work for you!


Online Baby Food Platforms

There are many different companies, brands, and platforms where you can order baby food online. Some of these platforms have subscription services you can sign up for to get a certain amount of food each week or month, and others only have one-time purchase options.

From Amazon to long-standing name-brand baby food companies, these platforms are accessible for almost anyone, and many parents do choose to order baby food from these big-name brands.

However, there are some things you should be careful of when ordering your little one’s food online, especially since you may not be able to flip the jars over and read the ingredients one by one. Let’s talk about what to look out for!


Things To Be Careful of When Ordering Baby Food Online

While we love ordering baby food online, there are some things you should know, especially if you’re ordering from big-name brands.


One of the more dangerous compounds that can be found in big-name baby foods are preservatives. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), preservatives can interfere with your child’s growth, development, and hormones. It can also raise your child’s risk of poor nutrition and obesity in later life.

Here are some of the common preservatives used in baby foods:

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) is a compound that hardens plastic and is used in many baby food containers. It also prevents rust on metal containers. BPA, however, can interfere with puberty and growth.
  • Phthalates are preservatives used to make plastic flexible and is often used in industrial food production. These are dangerous as they can increase the risk of developing obesity, harm metabolism, and affect the heart.
  • Perchlorate is a chemical that protects dry food products from static electricity. However, it can interfere with thyroid hormones and affect growth and development in later life.
  • Artificial food dyes are also used to preserve the colors of processed baby foods and juices but can have effects on behavior and attention span. These can also often be used as a replacement for nutritious ingredients, so they compromise on your baby’s nutrition.

Added Sugars or Salt

Many baby foods also include additives such as sugar and salt. These will be on the baby food labels for you to see, but they may be written in their scientific name such as sodium chloride or sucrose. Added salts and sugars are used to preserve baby foods and add flavor, but the dangers greatly outweigh the risk.

High sodium and sugar levels contribute to poor heart health and raise the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Salt and sugar don’t need to be added to baby foods, but many big-name baby food brands add them to enhance flavor and color.


Why Yumi is the New Generation of What Baby Food Should

Ordering baby food with us has a lot of benefits, not to mention that we carefully craft each baby food for your baby’s specific nutrition and developmental needs. In fact, we follow our best selling Milestone Plan that helps you understand  your baby’s developmental milestones and what baby foods they need. Here are some of the benefits of ordering baby food online.

You can take advantage of our best-selling milestone plan.

When you order your baby’s food online, it’s easy to follow the baby food stages. Following the stages of baby foods has a variety of benefits. It provides the nutrients your baby needs during different stages of their life. As your baby grows and changes, so do their nutrition needs! For instance, at 6 months old, it’s important for your baby to get lots of iron. At 9 months, it’s important for them to get copper, magnesium, and manganese.

The baby food stages also help slowly acclimate your little one’s tummy to different thicknesses of baby foods. First stage foods are thin and soupy, while later stage foods are chunkier and mashed. Your baby has only known breastmilk up until this point, so their tummies need to slowly get used to different consistencies. Ordering our food helps you easily follow the baby food stages!

Listen to your baby and watch them interact with their food, and you’ll know when they’re ready to move on. Once they are, simply order up the next stage and we’ll deliver it right to your door. No grocery store trip required.

You can spend more time with your baby.

We get it—life can be busy. Taking care of your little one is a full-time job, and many parents have other jobs on top of this! At the end of the day, going to the store to pick up new foods is not your idea of a relaxing night with your babe, and it isn’t ours either.

That’s why we’ve made ordering nutrition packed baby food for your little one a subscription service.

Our baby food is organic and hand-crafted.

Many baby food brands compromise on the ingredients of baby food to make it available online. For instance, they may add sugars, processed ingredients, or preservatives to help keep the baby food fresh longer. This can take away from the nutrients in your baby’s food and expose them to unnecessary processed ingredients!

According to Cleveland Clinic, the only preservative that doesn’t harm babies and contributes to their health is vitamin D. So, when looking for baby foods, be sure to look for any added salt, preservatives other than vitamin D, and other unnecessary ingredients or added sugars. We believe that every bite counts so ensuring each bite is organic and packed with nutrients can make all the difference. 

A rising issue has been the use of heavy metals in some of the most popular, store-bought baby food brands. These brands were found to contain dangerous levels of heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. These can cause serious harm to your baby’s developing bodies and minds.

We created Yumi for this very reason. We take extensive measures to ensure your baby only gets the absolute best ingredients. Here’s how:

  • We partner with only the best farms we trust. This means they have certifications from the USDA that the crops they grow and harvest are organic. This also means they’re verified to have no GMOs and follow meticulous testing before we use their fresh ingredients! We also check soil contamination, as this is a major way heavy metals sneak into foods.
  • We carefully pick our ingredients. Every bite counts. This is why we don’t include it unless absolutely necessary, and we find the best alternatives to commonly used foods that could do your baby more harm than good. For instance, rice has been found to have high levels of arsenic—so we’ve swapped it out for quinoa and other whole grains.
  • We don’t use additives. Additives such as iron-fortification and other artificial ingredients can result in higher levels of heavy metals in your baby’s food. Better safe than sorry, so we ditched those too!
  • We test our food regularly. We’ve got high standards for what goes into your babe’s food, so we regularly test our ingredients and foods for heavy metals to make sure they’re keeping up with these standards!
  • We cook and handle everything with minimal processing. Processing with high heat is used by many companies to kill bacteria, but this can actually cause nutrient content to lower in baby foods. So, we make our meals in smaller batches and use very minimal processing! This keeps the food real and tasting good.


There’s no shortage of places to order baby food online! From a variety of brands, platforms, to subscription plans, you can find exactly what fits into your life as a parent and your little one’s life. However, it is important to be aware of the dangers of ordering with big-name stores. 

Knowing what to watch out for and being aware of additives, pesticides, and preservatives is vital to choosing the best foods for your baby.

Here at Yumi, our nutritionists do all the hard work so you can sit back and relax and enjoy time with your little one. Simply order food tailored specifically for your baby’s needs and our nutritionists make it organic, fresh, and packed with nutrients.

Learn more about what foods are right for your baby by exploring our milestone plan here!